About Eryn

Eryn Gable is a freelance journalist based in Middleburg, Va. She has written extensively about environmental issues, including energy development, endangered species and public lands, for more than a decade, first as a congressional reporter for the CQ Daily Monitor in Washington, D.C., and later for other Capitol Hill publications including Greenwire, E&E Daily and Land Letter.

In 2007, she relocated to Colorado, where she has served as a correspondent for Land Letter, focusing on environmental issues in the West, and a freelance reporter for KRCC, a public radio station based in Colorado Springs.

Eryn recently returned to the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, where she continues to write about environmental issues, as well as business, politics, health, parenting, technology and international issues.

Her writing has also appeared in nytimes.com, High Country News, Headwaters, Governing, CQ Weekly and Entrepreneur.

An avid photographer, Eryn also has had her photos published in Land Letter and High Country News and on krcc.org.