Small bird could provide climate clues
Sept. 8, 2009

: A tiny owl that lives in the Rocky Mountains could provide important clues about how wildlife is adapting to a warmer climate. KRCC’s Eryn Gable trekked out with Colorado College biology professor Brian Linkhart to find out just what secrets this little bird might hold.

Chaffee County residents challenge Nestle

April 20, 2009

: Chaffee County commissioners could decide tomorrow whether to allow Nestle to draw water from an aquifer near Nathrop and truck it to Denver for bottling. But as KRCC’s Eryn Gable reports, some area residents are hoping the commissioners will delay a decision until more is known about the project’s impacts.

State Lawmakers Try to Block Pinon Canyon Expansion
March 30, 2009: Some state lawmakers are trying a new tactic in their efforts to block the Army’s plans to expand its 235,000- acre Pinon Canyon training site by introducing a bill that would bar the sale of state lands for the expansion. The bill’s House sponsors came together in Pueblo yesterday to talk about the effort. KRCC’s Eryn Gable was there and has this report.

Oil shale feasibility
Nov. 27, 2008

: The federal government recently finalized rules allowing commercial oil shale development in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming … but energy companies are still running tests to determine whether such development is feasible. KRCC’s Eryn Gable recently visited northwest Colorado and has more on the uncertainty and technological hurdles facing this alternative source of energy.

Controversial new rules to regulate the energy industry

Sept. 29, 2008

: As the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission considers controversial new rules to regulate the energy industry, landowners in the heart of the state’s energy boom are still struggling to cope with environmental and health effects associated with the development. KRCC’s Eryn Gable recently visited Garfield County and has more on the disconnect between how industry and residents view the state of things in Colorado’s gas patch.